120Amigos Friday Bowling League Constitution 2019/20

All general playing rules of the BTBA will apply together with the following:

  1. League starts prompt at 1.45pm bowlers must be at the centre at least 15 mins before bowling starts. Failure to be there by the time bowling is due to start will mean the matches starting without you. Any bowler that is late arriving can join their match provided it is no later than the fourth frame. Remember, it takes up to 10 minutes to input all the names and if bowlers are not arriving until 1.30pm it means we do not start on time and Phil gets it in the neck for late starting.
  2. League will consist of 8 teams
  3. Handicap shall be based on 80% of the difference between average and 210. Maximum handicap 80. Starting handicap will be your handicap from the previous season based on the whole of last season, except new bowlers to the league whose handicap will be worked out after their first 3 games.
  4. Handicaps will change on a 7 weekly basis after the first 4 weeks have elapsed. This is the norm in most leagues in the UK. The first 4 weeks will not see any change in handicap. Except for new bowlers to the league.
  5. Monies must be paid to Phil before bowling commences.
  6. Postponed matches must be given with 1 weeks’ notice to the leagues secretary by email and the opposition informed. Unless an emergency occurs.  The game must be played within the 7 weeks of the current cycle if not, then the team that cancelled will forfeit the points.
  7. All make-up games must be arranged by the team that cancelled the game. It is NOT the responsibility of the league secretary to rearrange matches. But he MUST be informed.
  8. If one bowler is unavailable the match must still be played if there is a reserve available.
  9. Make-up games will be played off the current handicap and NOT off the handicap when the game should have been played.
  10. Matches played in advance will play with their Hcap at the time and the result entered in the same week.
  11. To qualify for scratch and Hcap trophies you must bowl at least 33% of the games
  12. Blind scores will be your average less 10% plus hcap as per BTBA rules
  13. Reserve players are down to the individual teams to supply. NOT the secretary. Although he will assist.
  14. Any team using a reserve pays 1€ into the reserve´s pot at the end of the season for each time they use a reserve. This will be divided pro rata at the end of the season between the reserves.
  15. Blind scores will be able to take points on games and series. But will not qualify for team placing’s.
  16. Teams failing to appear without notifying the secretary will forfeit all points.
  17. Fees for the season will go up to 13€ of which 3.50€ will go to the prize fund. Subject to any increase by Almeria Bowling. (this is to make life easier)
  18. The league will bowl 4 times round – 28 weeks.
  19. Any team leaving the league before it finishes must have bowled at least 75% of the games to be entitled to any of the prize fund.
  20. The results of the Friday matches will be posted on the website sometime before Monday the following week.
  21. There will be a single copy of the previous week’s results, table, averages and new handicaps available every week.
  22. Prizes will be as in previous seasons with the winning team receiving 120€ 2nd 90€ 3rd 50€ 4th 30€. 360€ will be split up and given to the top three ladies, men and teams in both the scratch and handicap sections, if the same person leads both, then the second place will win the prize in the handicap section. Prize for the highest team scratch score and highest team handicap score. If the same team wins both, the second placed team in the handicap section will win.  If a bowler or team are second in the scratch category but first in the handicap category they will be awarded the first place handicap prize money. Whomever is in third for the scratch prize will receive second place money.