Tuesday League Standings

Tuesday League 2019-20             
Handicap Standings after Round 21 of 28 on 10 Mar 20
1Los Diablos198½121½60224424891279
2North & South188½131½60228614901285
4Split Ends16317363202723961049
5The Strikers156½179½63197703821064
6We Dont give a Split15618063179093971028
7Rolling Thunder15418263212294131141
8Double Impact14319363206674211187
North & SouthHcpAvgGmsPinsHgsHss
Paul Middleton181876011532242666
Mick Gardiner161896011329269648
Rolling ThunderHcpAvgGmsPinsHgsHss
Phil Taylor201856311354243694
Mike Brosnan38162639875207544
Los DiablosHcpAvgGmsPinsHgsHss
Colin Crouch211836010948256629
Ian Williams121946011494235661
Wullie Fulton311710000
We Dont give a SplitHcpAvgGmsPinsHgsHss
Lyn Williams64130607621176450
Peter Neary44154548353210539
Split EndsHcpAvgGmsPinsHgsHss
Lynda McAllister42157304782192508
Ali Gardiner43156518220226552
Norma Prime40160457270203553
The StrikersHcpAvgGmsPinsHgsHss
Malcolm Rogers211836310855241608
John Cannon43156396047204539
Joan Dempsey73118242868150393
Charlie Day38162548970213563
John Mills41158365774233550
Sharron Taylor36164396426232540
Double ImpactHcpAvgGmsPinsHgsHss
Trevor Stockley24179518704247621
Paul McAllister38162243949218530
Barry Hills38162518014231566
Rnd 21 Hi Game Scr (M)Rnd 21 Hi Game Hcp (M)Rnd 21 Hi Series Scr (M)Rnd 21 Hi Series Hcp (M)
234 Colin Crouch257 Colin Crouch661 Ian Williams709 Ian Williams
232 Ian Williams248 Ian Williams618 Colin Crouch687 Colin Crouch
223 Mick Gardiner235 Mick Gardiner537 Mick Gardiner638 Peter Neary
Rnd 21 Hi Game Scr (F)Rnd 21 Hi Game Hcp (F)Rnd 21 Hi Series Scr (F)Rnd 21 Hi Series Hcp (F)
176 Lyn Williams241 Lyn Williams470 Ali Gardiner622 Lyn Williams
168 Norma Prime207 Norma Prime458 Norma Prime590 Ali Gardiner
164 Ali Gardiner204 Ali Gardiner427 Lyn Williams575 Norma Prime
Rnd 21 Hi Team Game Scr.Rnd 21 Hi Team Game Hcp.Rnd 21 Hi Team Series Scr.Rnd 21 Hi Team Series Hcp.
466 Los Diablos505 Los Diablos1279 Los Diablos1396 Los Diablos
417 North & South441 North & South1038 North & South1260 We Dont give a Split
357 Rolling Thunder438 We Dont give a Split1009 Rolling Thunder1183 Rolling Thunder
High Game Scr (M)High Game Hcp (M)High Series Scr (M)High Series Hcp (M)
269 Mick Gardiner297 Mick Gardiner694 Phil Taylor781 Phil Taylor
256 Colin Crouch282 Phil Taylor666 Paul Middleton732 Mick Gardiner
247 Trevor Stockley280 Colin Crouch661 Ian Williams729 Trevor Stockley
High Game Scr (F)High Game Hcp (F)High Series Scr (F)High Series Hcp (F)
232 Sharron Taylor270 Sharron Taylor553 Norma Prime676 Norma Prime
226 Ali Gardiner262 Ali Gardiner552 Ali Gardiner663 Ali Gardiner
203 Norma Prime246 Norma Prime540 Sharron Taylor654 Sharron Taylor
High Team Game ScrHigh Team Game HcpHigh Team Series ScrHigh Team Series Hcp
490 North & South529 Los Diablos1285 North & South1427 Double Impact
489 Los Diablos522 North & South1279 Los Diablos1396 Los Diablos
421 Double Impact501 Double Impact1187 Double Impact1381 North & South
Bob Stocks 0 0 696070104 Alex Bain 6 642392718 Geoff Ferris 35