Fun Days

Below are dates for some fun days during the summer. We have already had a very successful ´couples´ day followed by a meal on Sunday 5th July

That was won by Mark & Cherry with a combined score of 1285 with Pedro & Elena in second place with 1242

Ian Williams hit an excellent 660 scratch.

The next time we do a ´couples´ it has been suggested that we all change partners.

There is a Triples Fun Day on the 2nd August. We currently have 18 bowlers if another 6 want to join in let Phil know. Start time 2.30 for 3.00pm. Low Middle and high handicap teams drawn on the day.

Names so far:

Norma, Keith, Mark, Cherry, Rob, Angie, Phil, Sharron

Dave Love (if fit), Alex, Ian, Lyn, Barbara, Derek, John M

John Stevenson, Roy, Barrie, Bash