malaga visit


On Saturday and Sunday 17th & 18th June, a combined team from Malaga and Sevilla visited out centre for the inaugural inter club match.

What a wonderful weekend we all had. The visiting bowlers were a pleasure to have met and played with. Laughing and joking with everyone. It was one of the best weekends of entertainment bowling that we have had at the centre. We hope to visit their centre in November. At the end of the match everyone went home having made new friends. The weekend was not about winning or losing it was about making new friends and enjoying the friendly spirit that bowling can bring.

The winning team by just 3 pins were the team from Malaga. With a team average of 168.8 against our 165.2. This was calculated by adding everyone's score together over both days and dividing by the amount of games each team played. (Sunday saw more from our centre bowling).

My personal thanks go to Lola Garcia and Luiz Jiminez for helping to arrange the weekend. I hope that it will become a regular event each year.