Bowlera Tuesday, Thursday and Friday Bowling Leagues Constitution 2023/24

All general playing rules of the BTBA will apply together with the following:

  1. League starts prompt at 6.00pm on Tuesday´s and 4,00pm and 6.30pm on Thursday´s, Fridays at 12.00pm. bowlers must be at the centre at least 15 mins before bowling starts. Failure to be there by the time bowling is due to start will mean the matches starting without you. Any bowler that is late arriving can join their match provided it no later than the fourth frame. Remember, it takes up to 10 minutes to input all the names; if late, it means we do not start on time and Phil gets it in the neck for late starting.
  2. League will consist of 9, 10 and 8 teams respectively.
  3. Handicap shall be based on 80% of 215 on Tuesdays 75% 210 Thursday and Friday. 80 being maximum handicap. Starting handicap will be your average from the previous season, except new bowlers to the league whose handicap will be worked out after their first 3 games. If Moving from one league to another your handicap will be based on your average from the other league you were in.
  4. Handicaps will change on a 7-weekly basis after the first 3 weeks have elapsed. The first 3 weeks will not see any change in handicap, except for new bowlers.
  5. Monies must be paid to Phil before bowling commences.
  6. Postponed matches must be given with 1 weeks’ notice to the league’s secretary by email and the opposition informed. Unless an emergency occurs.
  7. Cancelled matches: 3 options:
  8. Use a reserve player if one is available. (preferable)
  9. Play the match in advance if other team is agreeable. (off your current hcap)
  10. The team that is available on the night will bowl their match on the allocated lanes. Their score will not be posted. The cancelling team have 3 weeks to play the match in their own time but the SAME TWO LANES MUST BE USED. Failure to do this will result in the team that played the envelope game having their scores placed against a blind teams scores to find oiut how the points are awarded.
  11. The team that CAN bowl has the choice of the above options.
  12. Matches played in advance will play with their Hcap at the time and the result entered in the same week. These matches should be played on the lanes they were allocated in the schedule.
  13. To qualify for scratch and Hcap trophies you must bowl at least 33% of the games
  14. Reserve players are down to the individual teams to supply. NOT the secretary.
  15. Teams failing to appear will forfeit all points.
  16. Respotting of pins. Pin to be respotted from where it was moved from and NOT from where it finished. Example: if the 6 pin slides across to near the 5 pin position, but the pin gets swept away. It needs to be replaced in its 6 pin position. This is why you should always keep watching until the sweep has done its job. Do not turn your back on the pins.
  17. Fees for the season are now 12€ of which 4.50 goes to the prize fund. Subject to any increase by Bowlera.
  18. The league will bowl 4 times round for Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. 36 weeks. 5 times round for Friday’s 35 weeks.
  19. Any team leaving the league before it finishes must have bowled at least 75% of the games to be entitled to any of the prize fund.
  20. There is an appeals / grievance panel in place for any bowler that has an issue they wish to raise that cannot be dealt with by the league manager. The league manager should in the first instance be notified of the grievance. The bowler will then contact one of the panel, John Cannon and Barry H for Tuesday’s and Tony and Barry H for Thursday’s, Ian and Charlie for Fridays. They will then meet to discuss and report back to the league manager and the bowler that raised the issue. If the matter is deemed to of major importance that should involve all of the bowlers, then a meeting will be arranged to discuss it.
  21. The results of the matches will be posted on the website sometime during the following few days. Usually the following morning.
  22. There will be a single copy of the previous week’s results, table, averages and new handicaps available every week.
  23. Prizes for all 3 leagues will be, with the winning team receiving 140€, 110€, 80€, 50€ all teams will receive something.As a result of the reduction in prize money, the increase is now 272€ for Friday, 288€ for Tuesday and Thursday leagues. The new individual and team prizes will be as follows for each category. 1st 20€, 2nd 15€, 3rd 10€.If the same person leads both, then the second place will win the prize in the handicap section. Prize for the highest team scratch score and highest team handicap score. If the same team wins both, the second placed team in the handicap section will win.  If a bowler or team are second in the scratch category but first in the handicap category, they will be awarded the first place handicap prize money. Whomever is in third for the scratch prize will receive second place money.
  24. As in ALL previous seasons since the leagues were started, there is a 10% contribution to the league manager for running the league. Plus 40€ for stationary and towards payment for the website hosting and domain name. This includes the domain name and hosting.
  25. As with every previous year a detailed copy of the prize fund total and how it is distributed will be handed out at the end of the season on presentation night.



  1. No change of clothing must take place within the bowling and public area of the centre.
  2. Bowlers should not be on the approach cleaning a ball whilst a bowler right or left of them is preparing to bowl. It is distracting and poor etiquette. You should ONLY pick up your ball from the ball return once the bowler on the approach is out of line of sight. Better still, wait for him / her to bowl first. Then pick up your ball.
  3. Bowlers should keep within their allotted lane areas.
  4. If there is an issue with the lane, be it ball jam, pin reset, or score change do not call across lanes but approach manager when he is not bowling or is on the approach.
  5. Offensive language should be avoided in the bowling area.
  6. As there is not a lot of room in the bowling area guests and spectators should be asked to keep behind the barrier.
  7. Bowlers should wait until after a game is completed not during it before going to the bar for a drink refill. Being absent could cause loss of rhythm for other bowlers and slow play.
  8. Pin(s) that need respotting must be spotted on the original spot(s).
  9. During the practice time, please stick to your allocated lane until halfway through the time. Then swap lanes.