Thursday League Doubles Master season 23/24Front SheetWinbowl 2.0
Handicap Standings after Round 18 of 36 on 08 Feb 24
1Alley Cats187½100½54204464931237
2Strikes n Spares16410851165793951097
3Bowling Oldies1511375416065360983
4Odd Shaped Balls1481405415137349945
5Top Gunners144½143½5415578347948
6The Hustlers1421465415375381954
8Peaky Blinders1261465114684356954
10Purple Monkies971915412856328834
Bowling OldiesHcpAvgGmsPinsHgsHss
Heather Brosnan60130547088171429
Mike Brosnan34164548977226578
The HustlersHcpAvgGmsPinsHgsHss
Kevin Jackson37160548863237593
Debbie Jackson68119394648163398
Strikes n SparesHcpAvgGmsPinsHgsHss
Sharron Taylor39158517997211539
Barry Hills32167518582225565
Gary Elliott49144547681189514
Sally Elliott69118545986170402
Peaky BlindersHcpAvgGmsPinsHgsHss
Neil Price46148517642202521
Karen Price60130517042172466
Alley CatsHcpAvgGmsPinsHgsHss
Tony Hurst (c)15189519851257652
Phil Taylor201835410181248631
Dave Pearce41155243681211499
Lesley Pearce64124455701172427
Ginny Hills53139425579172467
Top GunnersHcpAvgGmsPinsHgsHss
Ginny Lewis54138516767176441
Gary Lewis42153548401230521
Purple MonkiesHcpAvgGmsPinsHgsHss
Pauline Hayes8097545651168447
Charles Hayes54137516895194445
Odd Shaped BallsHcpAvgGmsPinsHgsHss
Mark Richards41155547883225529
Mandy Richards56135547254174493
Floating SubsHcpAvgGmsPinsHgsHss
Roger Francis531393412167412
Rnd 18 Hi Game Scr (M)Rnd 18 Hi Game Hcp (M)Rnd 18 Hi Series Scr (M)Rnd 18 Hi Series Hcp (M)
225 Mark Richards268 Mark Richards593 Kevin Jackson719 Kevin Jackson
215 Phil Taylor249 Kevin Jackson573 Tony Hurst658 Mark Richards
207 Kevin Jackson237 Mike Brosnan563 Phil Taylor626 Phil Taylor
Rnd 18 Hi Game Scr (F)Rnd 18 Hi Game Hcp (F)Rnd 18 Hi Series Scr (F)Rnd 18 Hi Series Hcp (F)
179 Sharron Taylor224 Sally Elliott490 Sharron Taylor619 Sally Elliott
156 Lesley Pearce223 Lesley Pearce416 Mandy Richards615 Lesley Pearce
151 Sally Elliott217 Sharron Taylor414 Lesley Pearce604 Sharron Taylor
Rnd 18 Hi Team Game Scr.Rnd 18 Hi Team Game Hcp.Rnd 18 Hi Team Series Scr.Rnd 18 Hi Team Series Hcp.
417 Alley Cats462 The Hustlers1136 Alley Cats1281 The Hustlers
353 The Hustlers452 Alley Cats977 Strikes n Spares1241 Alley Cats
349 Strikes n Spares447 Odd Shaped Balls954 The Hustlers1239 Odd Shaped Balls
High Game Scr (M)High Game Hcp (M)High Series Scr (M)High Series Hcp (M)
257 Tony Hurst272 Tony Hurst652 Tony Hurst719 Kevin Jackson
248 Phil Taylor272 Gary Lewis631 Phil Taylor706 Tony Hurst
237 Kevin Jackson269 Kevin Jackson593 Kevin Jackson680 Mike Brosnan
High Game Scr (F)High Game Hcp (F)High Series Scr (F)High Series Hcp (F)
211 Sharron Taylor253 Sharron Taylor539 Sharron Taylor687 Pauline Hayes
176 Ginny Lewis246 Pauline Hayes493 Mandy Richards673 Sharron Taylor
174 Mandy Richards245 Sally Elliott467 Ginny Hills664 Mandy Richards
High Team Game ScrHigh Team Game HcpHigh Team Series ScrHigh Team Series Hcp
493 Alley Cats522 Alley Cats1237 Alley Cats1326 Alley Cats
395 Strikes n Spares486 The Hustlers1097 Strikes n Spares1325 Strikes n Spares
381 The Hustlers471 Strikes n Spares983 Bowling Oldies1281 The Hustlers